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Registered Psychologist (APE)

University of Saskatchewan

Counselling Assessment Intervention Research Services (CAIRS), housed in the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, is seeking Registered Psychologists with Authorized Practice Endorsement (APE) in the area of School Psychology to assist in addressing the current backlog of assessment referrals currently on the CAIRS waiting list. These are temporary contracted fee-for-service positions involving the completion of
psycho-educational assessments and provision of a written report for each client, with a flat rate reimbursement schedule ($1500 per completed assessment - no employee benefits or taxes deducted from earnings). The bulk of clients on the waiting list are school aged children and youth with a smaller portion of adults seeking psycho-educational assessment services. Successful applicant(s) will have access to CAIRS' extensive test library and related Q-Global (Pearson) and Nelson's online scoring systems. Additionally, contracted psychologists will be strongly encouraged to use the CAIRS template for their professionally written reports. Proof of Professional Liability Insurance is required along with a Criminal Record Check completed within the last three months.

This is a time limited opportunity commencing immediately. For additional information or to apply please contact CAIRS by email at

Employment Opportunities can be posted on this website for $50 per post. Please submit request to

The Psychology Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) has a reciprocity agreement with the Psychological Association of Alberta (PAA) offering registration to the two associations’ respective continuing employment programs at the same fees that each of these associations charge to their own members.