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University of Regina

Bilingual Clinical Psychologist

The Centre is seeking a bilingual clinical psychologist to conduct and lead clinical assessments for a major longitudinal research project involving members of law enforcement. Reporting to the project Principal Investigator in the Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety, the Lead Psychologist will conduct structured clinical interviews, clinical assessments, and clinical interpretations for study participants. The Lead Psychologist will also act as a mentor and supervise clinical research assistants and clinical practicum students conducting structured clinical interviews, clinical assessments, and clinical interpretations for study participants. The successful candidate will advise the research team and participate in various reporting efforts for the research project.
All services must be provided within the context of Saskatchewan College of Psychologists standards, as mandated by the University, and in adherence with the Psychologists Act of Saskatchewan. The successful candidate must be able to obtain and maintain the required security clearance level as a condition of employment.
The Lead Psychologist must be aware of, and implement, best practices identified by research and resources, including, but not limited to, the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists and the Canadian Psychological Association Practice Guidelines. The successful candidate will have had 5 years of related experience or equivalent combination of education, training, and experience. This position requires previous experience in mentoring in a mental health or health care setting.
The Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety (CCJS) at the University of Regina is the premier centre in Saskatchewan for research on public safety issues, such as rural policing, well-being of first responders, and improved communications. The CCJS also provides evidence-based training to police and other first responders on methods and practices. The Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Training (CIPSRT) is a national network operating within the structure of CCJS, is a coast-to-coast network of Canadian researchers who study and implement early interventions for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, evidence-based preventive actions for PTSD and Occupational Stress Injuries, and reduce the stigma of mental health concerns in public safety personnel.
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