The Psychology Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) is a fraternal organization that meets the needs of all psychologists in the province of Saskatchewan. PAS strives to meet this goal through advocacy for the profession and continued educational opportunities, with two major provincial conferences held annually. The conferences cover topics focused on issues related to empirically supported assessments and interventions that have implications for the practice of psychology within our province.


McGill University's Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology is proud to present the first annual McGill Summer Institute for School Psychology. The goal of this annual conference is to offer a high quality professional development experience for school psychologists, graduate students, educators, educational policy makers, counsellors, clinical psychologists, social... Read More


Psychology Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) is the organization that represents Saskatchewan psychologists. PAS is committed to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of psychological services offered by psychologists in Saskatchewan. PAS advocates for and promotes the identity and interests of the profession. See membership for more information or CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER


Career and employment opportunities within Saskatchewan and across Canada are posted on this website. If you are interested click on link below for further information.

  • Senior Psychologist Full-time or Part-time - Mind Matters Clinic
  • Psychologist (PHD) Temporary Full-time - Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region
  • Psychologist (PHD) Temporary Full-time - Saskatoon Health Region
  • Educational Psychologist - Chinook School Division
  • Part-Time/Full Time Psychologist - Chartier Arnold Brock Shimp and Associates
  • Psychologists - Chuck Jung Associates,  Psychological and Counselling Services,  Full and Part-time Positions Available (Vancouver Metropolitan)


For those who are interested in posting or reveiwing an employment opportunity on the PAS website click here.

  • Psychologist (Masters) - Child and Youth Services - Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region

For those who are interested in posting or reveiwing an employment opportunity on the PAS website click here.