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PAS Objectives

  1. To represent the professional interests of registered doctoral and registered psychologists in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  2. To encourage and promote the advancement of psychological research, education, and training in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  3. To promote interest in programs, scientific data, and professional issues pertaining to all disciplines of psychology within the Province of Saskatchewan.
  4. To increase public awareness of psychology and psychological services in Saskatchewan.
  5. To identify areas in need of common action by means of studies, reports and public education, and to pursue action in these areas for psychologists and the public of Saskatchewan.
  6. To encourage communication and collaboration with other disciplines.
  7. To establish and maintain liaison with other provincial, national, and international organizations pertaining to psychology.
  8. To include any other activity which may be considered to further all disciplines of psychology as a profession and to promote human welfare.
  9. To receive, hold and use all money and other property subscribed or in any other manner acquired for the furtherance of the objectives of the Association.

PAS Bylaws

Click here to download the PAS Constitution & Bylaws (PDF)