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Spring 2017 ADHD Conference Registration is Open

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We will be hosting a unique 2-day conference on ADHD.

Day 1 PAS presents Dr. William Pelham, who will present on the current research and practice with individuals with ADHD. Dr. Pelham is a renowned researcher and distinguished professor of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Behavioral Health and Public Health. He is also the Director of the Center for Children and Families. His research focuses on children and adolescents with ADHD, specifically evidence based treatments for ADHD.

Day 2 The Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA) will offer their ADHD institute, where you can choose to develop your knowledge and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children or adults.

The morning will offer an introductory workshop for children & adolescents as well as the introductory workshop for adults. You choose which one you would like to attend! The iintroductory workshop is designed for you to learn the fundamentals of assessing, diagnosing and treating ADHD in the population of your choice (i.e., child & adolescent or adults).

In the afternoon we will offer the advanced workshop, where you will again choose the population most relevant to your practice (i.e., child & adolescent or adult). The advanced workshop is designed to explore more complicated cases of ADHD and its comorbidities.

All workshops will be conducted in a small group environment - where you will collaborate and learn interactively with your colleagues! Space is limited, so be sure to register as soon as the registration email is sent out (within a couple of weeks!).

Of important note, registration will be available with several options. That is, you can choose to attend only one day or both days. We recommend attending both days!

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Dear PAS Members,

In February a letter was distributed on our behalf by the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists. The aim of which was to clarify the role of PAS and highlight the many benefits of a strong, active fraternal body in providing advocacy and addressing the unique challenges within our profession. A vital piece of this process is member involvement with the PAS executive. The addition of new executive members brings renewed energy and diversity of perspective that is imperative to effectively supporting our membership.

As the 2016-2017 membership year draws to a close, we would like to encourage members to put their names forward for the following PAS Executive positions:

- President Elect

- Member At Large

If you would like more information as to what these roles entail or would like to put forth your name for nomination, please email The vote will take place at our AGM, 12-1pm on May 12, 2017 at the Sheraton-Cavelier, Saskatoon.