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Joshua Tree Learning Centre

The Joshua Tree Learning Centre, a multi-disciplinary private practice in Regina Sask., is looking for part time and/or full time psychologist to join our group practice. Requirements include being registered with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists with Authorized Practice Endorsement. Candidate should be able to provide counseling services for a minimum of 15 hours/week and interest in conducting group programs is an asset. Some experience within a school, healthcare, and/or private practice is preferred. Candidate must be independent, driven, collaborative, and enhance our fun, connected, and positive minded group of clinicians.

Please submit cover letter and CV to Stacey Adelman at

Employment Opportunities can be posted on this website for $50 per post. Please submit request to

The Psychology Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) has a reciprocity agreement with the Psychological Association of Alberta (PAA) offering registration to the two associations’ respective continuing employment programs at the same fees that each of these associations charge to their own members.