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Press Release Regarding the Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash.

The Psychology Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) has been made aware of the terrible
loss and tragedy that occurred when the Humboldt Broncos lost 15 players, coaches and
personnel in a tragic accident on Friday night. We are also aware of how this event may
impact the Humboldt, Nipawin, greater Saskatchewan, and hockey communities in days
and weeks to come. There are no words to express our deepest sympathies and
condolences to all those who were affected, and who lost precious family and community
members. We would also like to thank all those who were there to provide immediate
assistance and emergency care. This is a heart-breaking tragedy, felt province and nationwide.
As Psychologists, we are prepared to assist individuals reacting to this terrible
situation as best we possibly can.
Most of the time, the immediate response and grief is an understandable reaction to such
a traumatic event, and may not require any formal treatment aside from the love and
support of family, friends, and community. However, if you feel you or a loved one requires
professional assistance, you can consult with your family doctor or any mental health
resource that have been made available to your community. They may refer you for
counseling services, or you may also self-refer to local mental health services.
PAS will be compiling a list of resources and services available in Saskatchewan in order
to inform the public of both short-term and longer-term counseling and support services.
This list will include services that are freely available through the Saskatchewan Health
Authority, community associations and organizations, as well as through privately-funded,
fee-for-service resources. Please refer to the PAS website and Facebook page in the days
to come for a list of supports and resources.

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