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Find a Psychologist

The Find a Psychologist referral service can help you find a well-qualified and ethical psychologist who can meet your special and unique needs.

We will give you the contact information for Registered Psychologists (Master’s level) and Registered Doctoral Psychologists (Doctoral level) who are also members of the Psychology Association of Saskatchewan. Psychologists adhere to a strict code of professional ethics and are regulated by the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists.


Our members are trained in assessment, therapy, and supervision:

Therapy: Many events and situations in our lives present significant challenges, and sometimes those challenges require professional support. Psychologists are committed to helping people improve their well-being and deal with problems effectively. Psychologists have the expertise required to work with people. They know how to help people deal with their feelings and attitudes and develop healthier and more effective patterns of behaviour.

Assessment: People work with psychologists for many reasons - they may have aspirations related to their personal and/or career development and ask a psychologist for assistance in achieving these goals. Psychologists who perform assessments diagnose mental health conditions, and provide recommendations for treatment, as well as accommodations in work and academic settings.

Supervision: Beginning psychologists require a mentor psychologist to supervise their first years of practice. The listed members are willing to provide this service to new psychologists. The Psychology Association of Saskatchewan provides this free service to help you locate qualified psychologists in your community, as well as those who are willing to travel. Select your community or “willing to travel” in the location bar below.


Use of this Referral Service to locate a psychologist is voluntary and will not result in any liability against PAS.   In no event shall PAS be liable for damages to any user of the Referral Service for the voluntary selection of a psychologist, for the services provided by any psychologist listed herein, or for any other damages which may occur.  PAS cannot and does not provide any warranties related to the information contained in or resulting services from a psychologist listed in the PAS Referral Service.

This is a referral service only.  Specific areas of practice claimed by a Psychologist are not verified by the Psychology Association of Saskatchewan.

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The Psychology Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) has a reciprocity agreement with the Psychological Association of Alberta (PAA) offering registration to the two associations’ respective continuing education programs at the same fees that each of these associations charge to their own members.