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Membership Registration

Registration for 2019-20 is now open


You will need a Visa or Mastercard to pay the membership fee. There are no paper applications.

Please use a valid email to register as we use the email on file to communicate with members, including sending out renewal codes for the next year registration, thank you.

Membership Types

Full Member
Any resident of Saskatchewan who meets at least one of the following criteria is eligible for admission to full membership with the Association:
(a) registration with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists;
(b) holds a Master's or Doctoral degree based on a course of studies in
any area of psychology; and/or
(c) holds a Baccalaureate degree with significant psychological content or equivalent, and has been involved in the provision of psychological services on a fulltime basis.

Affiliate Member
Any person eligible for full membership, student membership, or honorary membership and who resides outside the Province of Saskatchewan may be admitted to affiliate membership. Similarly, any person not eligible for full membership or student membership, yet interested in furthering the activities of the Association may be admitted to affiliate membership, at the discretion of the council.

Student Member
Any resident of Saskatchewan enrolled as a fulltime or part- time student in a graduate or undergraduate program of psychology may be admitted to student membership.


Liability Insurance

We are pleased to announce that members of CPA and provincial/territorial associations now have access to an improved liability insurance program, brokered by BMS Group Inc. BMS replaces McFarlan Rowlands as the exclusive professional liability insurance broker for members of the CPA and provincial and territorial associations. BMS brings a new member-centric perspective to the design and delivery of the psychology insurance program, including significant immediate and long-term benefits to policy holders.

Click here for a summary of the new program: here for details on the new liability insurance program: